Why work for us?

Activate Healthcare is a leading provider of organization-sponsored primary care health centers.  Through active engagement with patients and ongoing health monitoring, patients take charge of their health resulting in more positive outcomes.  In turn, the clinic helps the sponsoring organization save on health care costs.  We are a growing company currently ranked 804 on the Inc. 5000 list.  Our clinic associates enjoy quality over quantity when providing patient care. Our model affords them the ability to take the time they need with each patient and truly make a difference.  

Why read about why Activate Healthcare is a great place to work when you can listen to others tell their stories?  Watch the videos below to see what providers have to say about how Activate Healthcare is transforming healthcare - and them.

 "Working at Activate is utopia for a provider."

Kristy Umana, Nurse Practitioner at Activate Healthcare

"I look forward to not having a stressful day."

Sasha Emanuel, Medical Assistant at Activate Healthcare

"Look at us, we're making a difference!"

Melita Schuster, Medical Doctor at Activate Healthcare